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Welcome to our blog - hope you enjoy seeing how our build is progressing as we continue to update :)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

TV points, solar HWS and tiling completed

The TV outlets all ready to go with aerial and Foxtel satellite dish installed on the roof now and all the wall mount TV brackets up ready and waiting for our TVs.

Our solar hot water system all finished now, with tubes in place now on the roof.

Tiling in both bathrooms complete now, ready for the walk in - frameless shower glass panes and vanity installations.

Our waterfall bath spout.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

New garage door, solar HWS and bamboo

Our new garage panel lift door being installed yesterday.

Amazing how much light the clear panels in the door provide inside the garage.

Glad we chose to go with the Jasper colour door. Sets of the front of the house nicely.

Our Thermann Solar HWS going in too.  (it's actually an Apricus, made by them, but rebadged and sold through Reece )
Almost done, just waiting for the tubes on the roof to go up. Job got held up due to the rain.

Bamboo floors are all down it. :)

Here's a few progress pics. Hard to get good pics though as it is covered in building we have most of it covered to protect it from tradies.
Will have to take some finished and clean shots.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bamboo flooring begins. Plus Actron aircon installed.

We began laying all the bamboo flooring today. Loving it so far !!

Also our Actron aircon was installed today.....can't wait to be in and trying it out properly.

Room ceiling vents
One of the two return air vents going up.

The master controller.
Unit all ready

Ensuite tiling

Wall tiling in our ensuite.

Preparing for bamboo, plus more tiling

Our bamboo flooring has arrived, from Harvey Norman.
We are laying over 100 sq meters, throughout our entry, hallways and main family/dining/kitchen area.
Doing a blend off 60%Natural, 30% Carbonized and 10% Antique.

 Packets opened, acclimatising ready for laying.

 Family, kitchen/dining area concrete cleaned and ready.

Tiling continues in the bathroom.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lighting turned on, concrete for air con, plus start of wall tiling

Concrete slab poured this morning ready for our Actron air con/heating unit's arrival and fit out early next an extra spot allocated for the future gas bottles.

Today all the floor tiles in the wet ares were completed, with ensuite and adjoining toilet tiled. (pics soon...couln't walk in there this arvo with camera...too wet/new)

Beginning of tiling of the walls in the kids bathroom later this arvo. Recessed metal channel mounted in place ready to accept the solid 12mm thick walk in glass shower screens.

Electricians powered up more of our lights today....great to see what we have chosen finally in action working.

Our new LED downlights in the lounge....most impressed. Great output and dimmability!!

The camera isn't real good at showing it as it truly is...but....1st pic shows full output ....ultra bright.

2nd pic....dimmed...alot more subdued.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Painting continues, plus lights going in

We are continuing on with painting of our internal walls.

Yesterday we finished painting all 4 bedrooms and games room walls.

Today we painted the study, lounge/dining/kitchen area, plus all the hallways.

Loving the 'Hog Bristle' colour. (1/4 strength on ceilings....and 1/2 strength on walls)

Electricians also on site, working around us painting. Beginning the installing of all our lighting fixtures.

Our entry light....nothing too fancy...just a little bit of 'bling'.

Wall lights for the front of the garage.

All 4 bedrooms, laundry, bathroom ceilings, study - have simple oyster lights.

All our walk in robes, walk in linen, walk in games/toy cupboard, wine room and toilets have spheres.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Painting begins - first coat on plaster throughout

Painting began today...

The first coat of paint being applied today to the wall and ceiling plasterboard throughout.

Quarter strength Dulux Hog Bristle on the ceilings and Half Strength Hog Bristle on the walls.

This initial base coat was sprayed on, then immediately followed by a sheepskin rollers to give it a nice even finish.

No - the paint's not pink! looks 'pink' because of the red plastic protecting the window.