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Welcome to our blog - hope you enjoy seeing how our build is progressing as we continue to update :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Clothes line area - with retaining wall

Our clothes line area under construction.
We decided to have clothes line set back into our embankment.
A much better spot than our temporary one.
Will be less obtrusive in our yard once plants are in place and our washing will receive full sun for most of the day.

Excavation begins...

Area cut and ready for retaining wall

Posts going in.... plus protective plastic barrier, aggy pipe and gravel for drainage

The wall all finished and clothes line post in place

Plastic sheeting and gravel going down = no weeds and no grass to mow underneath

 Almost complete - ready now for some decorative landscaping to begin.

Rear step for our alfresco area.

The new rear step out into alfresco area being constructed.

All finished, ready for the treated pine to be stained.

The step all ready for use - with Merbau stain. Really happy with how it turned out.