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Welcome to our blog - hope you enjoy seeing how our build is progressing as we continue to update :)

Friday, 29 June 2012

Plastering begins

Our plasterers have begun working on site.

First battening the ceilings in preparation to hang the ceiling sheets next week.

Some of the many wall sheets delivered

With ceiling all battened now we can insulate the ceilings 

And with the first wall sheets going up we are able to insulate the lounge wall that backs onto our garage.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Final preparations ready for plasterer.

Busy days onsite....lots of progress leading up to our plasterer beginning shortly.

Internal wiring for lights. power, telephone and TV all roughed in and ready.
Plumbing rough in 3/4's done too.

Bath tub frame constructed.

Our ACTRON ducted reverse cycle air/heating ductwork, fan box,  return air box's and wiring also installed prior to plaster.

All our cavity door slider units installed, plus niches for showers constructed.

And our double front doors hung, plus the garage to inside hall once the plaster is hung we will be fully locked up.

And finally.....a pic of our site supervisor....'Neo' - our carpenter's dog.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glass sliding door glazing.

Trend windows came today to glaze onsite our double glazed glass sliding door sets, frames have been in place for some time, but due to the weight of these size window the panels needed to be installed separately on site.
Great to have the house now relatively draught free from the current chilly wintery breezes.

Laundry door set completed.

Dining/lounge window set completed.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Rendering continues

Rendering continues ....2 coats applied to the base cladding...colour coat soon to go on

Enjoying glimpses of what the future finished house will look like.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Rendering begins.

Renderers began today, first wrapping the house in fiberglass mesh, then applying the first base coat of render to the polystyrene cladding.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Today we have exterior cladding - all in 1 day!!

Busy week onsite for us here.

All the eaves fully painted now in Dulux 'Hog Bristle' -2 coats done- each 95 meters (35 meters of that - our 1.8m lined verandah)....that's a lot of eave painting!

Electricians have begun work inside, steadily wiring the house throughout.

Our house went from a frame stage with a roof all clad today - amazed how quick they put it all up.  Now looking like a real house- not just a frame. Great to see!!

Cladding for whole house fitted on the one trailer.
The cladders left home at 4.30AM for their big trip to our site ...460km round trip for them...completing the cladding and on the way home by 3.30PM . Fantastic effort !!

House was first  all wrapped up in a waterproof, breathable membrane.

 The 100mm thick panels being cut to size and fixed in place.

The fixing screws used

Made an executive decision and now we are cladding the front porch posts...they are now clad, ready for render and will stand out nicely as feature columns.

 The alfresco area taking shape.

All the joins getting filled with expanding foam - effectively glueing the sheets together.

The walls now all clad.

And the cladders even took all their leftovers away!!

Rendering of the cladding begins tomorrow.

A bit of far we've put in over 12000 nails into the frame (that's not including the nails the original frame suppliers put into their prefab frame).
Approx 4500 roof screws
Approx 2500 screws to attach the cladding.....