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Welcome to our blog - hope you enjoy seeing how our build is progressing as we continue to update :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Storm water pipework going in.

Today our plumber began trenching and running all our storm water pipework.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

All plastered inside and render colour coated.

Friday saw our plasterers finished inside, with a final day of sanding off, followed by a big cleanup.

Today our renderers came and put our final colour coat on the house. Colourbond 'Paperbark' on the walls and 'Jasper' to the front entry porch.

Finally, at long last the protective plastic is removed from our windows. Nice to finally see out through our windows, without a green tint.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

LED lighting chosen,more doors in place

Have chosen our energy efficient  LED lighting for our lounge, dining, games, hallways etc

Found a great online site for them -

We chose their   DL9 90mm downlights for our lounge
and their DL7  70mm for our hallways

Also our cavity slider internal doors are all fitted now and in place...

Here's our study twin door set in place.

Our garage door going through to alfresco area, in place now also

Lounge room ready, with cornices and skirting boards in place and ready for sanding

Busy times ahead now patching all the 10,000 or so... nail holes ready for painting :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Plastering - almost complete

Plastering almost complete. All the cornices hung now, only sanding off to do.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Plastering - cornices begin, plus architraving continues

Plasterers continue to progress on site. Cornices have been delivered.

and have progressively been cut to size...

Stacked ready...

And are slowly going up.

Architraving also continues to go on room by room......each section being cut to size in our lounge come workshop....hard to believe soon we'll be sitting watching TV in here, with nice carpet and paint...not looking at the current mess.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Architraving and doors begin

The start of architraving today, with skirting boards going down, along with window and doorway architraving.
Also some doors being hung - today some cavity sliding doors.

Carpet and Bamboo chosen

Our carpet colour and bamboo chosen yesterday. 
Thanks to our friendly Harvey Norman man driving up from Melbourne (400km round trip) with all the samples ::

Going with Smartstrand Silk Gentle Essence - "Wildwood".
Bamboo chosen is a blend of - 60% Natural, 30% Carbonised and 10% Antique.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Shopping day !!

Big day today,

240km round trip shopping spree with a horse float to load up...picked up the new AEG wall oven, BOSCH dishwasher, wall tiles, grout and glue for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen. Also new SAMSUNG 55" LED smart TV, and lots of other little stuff...paint rollers, brushes, door locks, waterproofing membrane, etc, etc....amazing how it all adds up...reckon we had about $7500 on board.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Plastering continues over the weekend

Our plasterers have been working overtime for us on our site over the weekend.... stopping up all the joins, corners, screw holes etc

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Carpet and flooring chosen, plus kitchen ordered

Carpet and hard flooring supplier chosen.

Going with Harvey Norman's new Smartstrand Silk - Gentle Essence carpet....colour yet to be decided.
For wooden flooring - we have chosen to go with Harvey Norman again.... with their ' Naturally Bamboo' colours to be decided. Wooden flooring going in our kitchen, dining and hallways etc.
Harvey Norman provided great service.....their rep bringing samples to us, 200km away from their store, and helping us make informed decisions.

Wet areas will be tiled.

Looked at various suppliers, for carpet and flooring... with quotes and assistance supplied ... but in the end couldn't knock back H/N's great competitive package deal and helpful service for carpet and bamboo flooring.

We have had a test area of bamboo (mix of 2 colours) in our rental for the past 3 months. Been seeing how it stands up to day to day living, especially of dogs claws. So far not a mark - very impressed with the product.

On a different note.....

Our kitchen manufacturer began his job today - (his fourth kitchen build for us)
With an on site measure, and detailed consult with us...the owners...for our new kitchen, ensuite vanity, bathroom vanity, study desktop and laundry cabinetry.

Plastering -sheets up, stopping up begins

Plastering continues on site.
All the plaster wall and ceiling sheets up now. Stopping up the joins has started.

Future kitchen area

Future garage

Stopping up begins

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Plastering - walls done, ceiling sheets begin

Plastering continues inside...hanging of our wall sheets virtually complete..ceilings beginning  to go up too

Loving the look of our big room especially now we can see it with plaster walls and ceiling...... our lounge/dining/kitchen area taking shape  :)